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Capgemini Placement Papers - Capgemini Numerical Reasoning Questions,Placement Paper, June, 2014

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Placement Paper:- June 04 ,2014 - Capgemini, India
Id: 11711 Title: Capgemini Placement Papers - Capgemini Numerical Reasoning Questions

1. A rectangular tank can hold k liters of water. How many liters of water can a tank with all its dimensions double that of the first one hold?

A. 2k liters

B. 23 liters

C. 4k liters

D. 6k liters

2. A triangle has sides of lengths 10, 24 and n, where n is a positive n is a positive integer. The number of values of n for which this triangle has three acute angles is

A. 1

B. 2

C. 3

D. 4

3. In the rectangle ABCD, the perpendicular bisector of AC divides the longer side AB in a ratio
2: 1. Then the angle between AC and BD is

A. 30o

B. 45o

C. 60o

D. 90o

4. A sphere of 10.5 cm radius is melted and cast into a cuboid of maximum volume. The total surface area of such cuboid is approximately:

A. 1720

B. 1650

C. 1810

D. 1932

5. Consider a right angle triangle where the length of the shorter leg is one third of the length of its hypotenuse. If the length of the shorter leg is 7 cm, then calculate the area of the triangle in square cm.

A. 7 * square root of 2

B. 49 * square root of 2

C. 14 * square root of 2

D. 49

6. Suppose that a train journey is being charged as below:
-- Minimum ticket cost is Rs. 100, which entitles the ticket holder to travel up to a distance of 10 miles
--For every additional mile traveled, the charge is Rs. 10
--A minimum luggage weight of 10 kg is not charged, after which it is charged at Rs. 1 per kg.
During a specific journey, suppose you carry a weight of 'n' kg, and a distance of 'm' miles is traveled, which equation will indicate the correct total charge to be paid by you?

A. 100 + (10 * (m-10)) + n

B. 100 - (10 * m) + (n-10)

C. 100 + (10 * (m-10)) + (n-10)

D. 100 - (10 * (m+10)) + (n-10)

7. There are two queues at a supermarket billing counter. In the first queue there are m1 customers all with n1 items in their baskets, while in the second queue there are m2 customers all with n2 items in their baskets. It takes t seconds to process each item and p seconds for each person to pay. A customer wishes to know which queue to join.
Which one of these options gives the condition for the first queue to be the better queue to join?

A. m1(p+n1t) = m2(p+n2t)

B. m1(p+n1t)
C. m2(p+n2t) = m1(p+n1t)

D. m1(p+n1t) = m2(p+n2t)

8. Take a bicycle with following specifications:

--The front de-railer is on the 52 tooth gear and the rear de-railer is on the 14 tooth gear
--The rear gear has 14 teeth
--The diameter of the rear wheel is 27"

If a bicyclist pedals at 75 revolutions per minute, then what will be the speed achieved?

A. 22.38

B. 26.85

C. 25

D. 30

9. Suppose Mr. X works for company A. The company grants 1000 shares to Mr. X in 2008. At that point each share is worth Rs. 100. In 2010, he decides to sell his entire stake and at that point, the value is Rs. 120 per share. The government declares that the tax to be paid is 10% of the entire profit. Due to the inflation, the value of a rupee in 2010 is equivalent to 0.8 of a rupee in 2008. In this scenario, which of the following model indicates the actual tax to be paid by the investor?

A. 120 Rs at 2010 value " 100 Rs at 2008 value

B. 120 Rs at 2010 value " 100 Rs at 2008 value * (1 Re at 2010 value / 0.8 Re at 2008 value)

C. 120 Rs at 2008 value " 100 Rs at 2010 value * (1 Re at 2008 value / 0.9 Re at 2010 value)

D. 100 Rs at 2010 value " 120 Rs at 2008 value * (1 Re at 2010 value / 0.8 Re at 2008 value)

10. The ratio of cost price to the marked price of an article is 4 : 5. If the ratio of the profit percentage on selling the article to the discount allowed on it is 5 : 4, what is the profit percentage?

A. 10%

B. 12%

C. 12.5%

D. 15%

11. Krishna bought some wheat at Rs. 10 per kilogram. He buys 2 kg wheat from a ration shop at the rate of Rs. 8 per kilogram. He mixes the two and sells at Rs. 11 per kilogram. He makes 25% profit. What is the ratio of non-ration to ration wheat?

A. 1:4

B. 1:5

C. 5:1

D. None of the above

12. In a typical bike rally, every bike has to reach a speed of 20 m/min within a minute and it increase its speed by 20 m/min and the sum was 1600 m/min. Four minutes later, a new biker started running in the race. After another two minutes, the biker with the speed of 400 m/min stopped due to injuries and again two new bikers started running in the race. What is the current average speed?

A. 260 m/min

B. 220 m/min

C. 280 m/min

D. 290 m/min

13. A river runs at 4 km/hr. if the time taken by a man to row is boat upstream is 3 as the time taken by him to row it downstream then find the speed of the boat in still water.

A. 16 km/hr

B. 8km/hr

C. 6km/hr

D. 28km/hr

14. A, B, C are running in the same direction around a circular track. The track is marked with numbers from 1 to 12, like the dial of a clock. The 12 numbers are uniformly spaced along the track. A overtakes B once at 5 and then the next time again at 9. A overtakes C once at 2 and then the next time again at 4. What is the ratio of B's speed to C's speed?

A. 7:4

B. 2:1

C. 3:2

D. 5:4

15. Manu working alone on a job takes 12 days more than what he would have taken if Bhanu had worked along with him while Bhanu working alone on the same job takes 27 days more than what he would have taken if Manu had worked along with him. Find the time that both of them working together would take to do the job.

A. 10

B. 12

C. 16

D. 18


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