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Microland Technical Interview questions and Answers | Microland Fresher’s placement Drive 2014 Technical Interview Questions,Placement Paper, June, 2014

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Placement Paper:- June 04 ,2014 - Microland, india
Id: 11707 Title: Microland Technical Interview questions and Answers | Microland Fresher’s placement Drive 2014 Technical Interview Questions

which device connects to a parallel port?
a. Mouse
b. Joystick
c. Keyboard
d. Printer
What command will restore a backup copy of the registry from DOS?
which utility is used to partition a new hard drive in windows 98?
b. Format
c. Partition Manager
d. Windows Explorer
Which of the following conversions is possible in windows 98?
a. FAT 16 to NTFS
b. FAT 32 to FAT 16
c. Fat 16 to Fat32 and Fat32 to Fat 16
d. Fat 16 to Fat 32 but not Fat 32 to Fat 16
You have replaced the CMOS battery. What must you do next?
b. Reinstall the OS
c. Set the date and time
d. Format the hard drive
The first physical sector in any bootable hard disk contains which of the following?
a. File Structure
b. Data structure
c. MBR
d. LBR
What must an IDE hard drive have in order for an AGP slot?
a. Active partition
b. Passive partition
c. Dynamic partition
d. Extended partition Associated entries in the FAT are removed.
Which of the following device is designed for an AGP slot?
a. HDD
b. Serial Port
c. Video card
d. External Storage Device
What has occurred when HDD fails, making a grinding noise?
a. controller failure
b. the read/ write head is in contact with the platter
c. hard drive is in power save
d. hard drive is in labor
which type of connector is used by analog modems?
a. AUI
b. BNC
c. RJ-11
d. RJ-45
From which control panel option in Windows 95 can u create a startup disk?
a. system
b. admin
c. add/remove programs
d. network
our customer has bought a second hard disk and added it an existing computer. The first hard disk is having one primary partition and extended partition. The extended partition is divided into two logical drivers D and E. when you install the second hard drive and format it, what would be the drive letter assigned to the first logical drive on the extended partition of hard disk? Assume that the second hard disk has one primary partition and only one logical drive on the extended partition.
a. “D”
b. “E”
c. “F”
d. “F”
Which port can the keyboard be connected to?
a. parallel port
b. VGA port
c. PS\2
d. IEEE 1394
You get a CMOS checksum error upon boot. What is the most likely cause?
a. power supply failure
b. BIOS need to be updated
c. CMOS battery is nearing end of life
d. HDD types are incorrectly defined
You rare reported that the monitor at a client’s place is having a problem. You are about to remove the CPU tower to trouble shoot the issue. What do you do just before opening the CPU tower?
a. wear wrist strap to prevent ESD damage to the monitor
b. Make sure that the power is switched off and the power cord is plugged out.
c. Make sure that the ESD is grounded properly
d. Connect the monitor as well as the wrist strap to the ground.
Which of the following files is NOT required for DOS to boot?


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